I Married a Witch

Gracious me! Fire!
- Wally...
- Yes, tell me

Have you seen how
have I lighted the fire?

What fire? I only have eyes for you
Listen, would you like to have children?
Sure, I'd like to have
three girls like you

What's the matter?
It's better to tell it. You'd
never forgive me

- Ah, a confession
- Yes

Well, I hasn't been a saint either
Let's leave the explanations until tomorrow

No, I have to tell it now.
I don't know how to start

- Then don't do it
- Wally...

...Didn't the way we met seem
strange to you?

- All has been like A dream
- No, it has been witchcraft

- You're right
- Listen, Wally...

Let's go to sleep
- let me Tell you Who I am
- Okay, who are you?

- I'm a witch
- A witch?

- I knew It from the beginning
- Did you know it?

Of course I did. I'm
bewitched since I met you

And don't you care? You don't
care being married with a witch

I love it
I'll be a good wife and
I'll use sorcery to help you

Will you? What can you do?
For example... that you win
the election tomorrow

- that Would be witchcraft
- I'm sure I could do it

I'm not any witch. My family
exists from the Pompeya time

- are you A witch since then?
- My father, yes

Have you heard from the Roman Empire
fall? We did it

You're wonderful, where do you prefer
sleeping, on the right or on the left?