I Married a Witch

He's Wallace Wooley. Don't tell me
they are going to imprison him

He has no future, he won't be governor
being in this hotel

You should have been a good boy until
being elected, as everybody does

I'd like to talk about Jennifer,
we got married last night

Yes, I know. Congratulations,
Mr Wooley

Thank you. Last night and this morning...
...she told me something very strange
- What?

...That she had lived in Rocksford
270 years ago and that she was a witch

By Lucifer, do you think I don't know it?
It isn't the first time this happen to her
- Well, maybe you could help her
- Shut up!

I have to concentrate.
Iron, iron, start melting...

Oh! I can't remember anything
What the hell does happen to me?

- It must be the alcohol
- Don't tell me what happens to me...

...I invented the drunkenness
in 1892 before Christ

Do you believe her?
It's the most important thing

How do you want me to
believe her if this has no sense at all?

There's still a hope
At first I thought that it was a joke, but she
doesn't stop talking about the elections...

...she said that with the magic I can win
and that that will show she is a witch

Mr Wooley, look for a way of
taking me out of here

- I know how to make her obey
- I'll do all I could...

...but I'm afraid that I haven't
got many influences any more

- Come on, Besinger is yours
- Shut up!

- Hurrah for Wallace Wooley!
- Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for Wooley!

- Hurrah Wooley! Hurrah for Wooley!
- Shut up!

Hurrah for Wooley!