Mrs. Miniver

Just a minute.
Oh, I was so afraid you'd sold it.
No. We knew you'd come back.
I know it's foolish and extravagant...
...but I've simply got to have it.
Yes, pack it up quickly,
don't give me time to think.

Oh, careful, careful.
Why, vicar. This is nice.
- For me. Let me put those on the rack.
- Thank you.

Oh, no, not this one. I might leave
it behind, and it's rather precious.

Yes, I know the feeling.
Guess what this is.
- Port.
- Worse than that.

- Cigars.
- Well, why not? My husband does.

- He can afford it.
- I'm not so sure.

- He has a very extravagant wife.
- Nonsense.

It's quite true. I can't help it.
I'm afraid I do like nice things.

Things far beyond my means sometimes.
Oh, pretty clothes...

...and good schools for the children,
the car, the garden, you know.

- Yes, I know.
- Does it give you a lovely guilty feeling?

- Lovely.
- Oh, vicar!

Fellow sinners.
What will the village say?

Oh, I think the village knows
you're a very understanding person.

- That's why you do so much good.
- Well, I hope I do.

I hope I can when they need me.
You mean, you think
there is trouble coming?

I think it's here.
- Good evening, Lady Beldon.
- Good evening, vicar.

Good evening.
Oh, shopping's impossible nowadays.
You can't get near the counter...

...and when you do, they haven't got it
and you pay twice as much for it.

- What a wonderful description.
- Sit down, Simpson. And don't sniff!

I spent the whole afternoon being
pushed around by middle-class females...