Mrs. Miniver

She's come back. She wasn't
to have returned for another week.

Dearly beloved brethren, the
scripture moveth us in sundry places...

:33:46 acknowledge and confess
our manifold sins and wickedness.

And not dissemble nor cloak them
before almighty God, our heavenly father.

But confess them
with a humble, lowly...

Will everyone please be seated.
It has just been announced over the air
by the prime minister...

...that our country is at war.
In the circumstances...
...I don't think you'll wish me
to continue...

:34:38 you will probably, most of you,
have some other duty to perform.

I will say simply this:
That the prayer for peace
still lives in our hearts...

...coupled now with the prayer
for our beloved country.

We in this village...
...have not failed in the past.