Very pretty speech.
Youthful, passionate, idealistic.

You see, I've already sent for the police.
You can't bluff me.
You're hooked, and you know it.

Must I remind you
that you are the fugitive, and not I?

I'm a prominent citizen,
widely respected.

You are an obscure young workman
wanted for the committing
of an extremely unpopular crime.

Which of us do you think
the police will believe?

(Laughs) Oh, you must think me
a very poor host, Mr Kane.

Now, don't you feel that a long,
cold drink is indicated?

I found out everything
you're gonna tell me.

- I'll have to do the rest by myself.
- You're going to leave us?

Adele, Adele! Mr Kane is going!
I'm sorry. You'll stop, please.
- What does that shoot? Water?
- Bullets, I'm afraid.

You shouldn't be so anxious
to leave us, you'll hurt our feelings.

You make it very hard for me
to refuse your invitations.

- Suzy, come on.
- No, no, Suzy! Come here.

Hello, Suzy.
You know where we're going?

For a piggyback ride.
You like piggyback rides?

(Tobin) Dick, Joe! Get after him!
Hurry up! Get him!
Get after him! Hurry up!

- Come on. Get going.
- You can't take me away like this!

Don't tell us what we can't do, chum.
You've gotta get him!
Just because he's got a big ranch
and a fancy pool

doesn't mean he's a nice guy.
- Find out the things he's been doing!
- Sure, sure.

Just come on along.
The baby had the letters!
Oh, Suzy would be only
too glad to co-operate,