- Aw, Major, honey -
- Don't "honey" me!

I've got a contract.
It provides for safe transportation

and don't say nothing
about picking up hobos.

(Sirens Wailing)
- That's the police.
- They must be looking for somebody.

Who could they want?
- Me, I guess.
- Oh!

They came for you. He has handcuffs on.
What do they want you for?

For something somebody else did.
I don't believe he's
done anything wrong!

I've always told Minnie
she'd get mixed up with the police.

They're starting to search at the front.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Hand them over to the police.

- He's perfectly right.
- He's a little stinker.

Seems a terrible thing to do,
but it would be terrible, too, if we -

- Alright, Bones, call the cops!
- Just a minute, Major.

In this situation I find a parallel
for the present predicament.

We stand defeated at the outset.
You, Esmeralda, have sympathy,
yet you're willing to remain passive.

I have a belief, and yet I'm tempted
to let myself be over-ridden by force.

The rest of you, with the exception
of this malignant jerk,

are ignorant of the facts
and, therefore, confused.

Thank heaven we're
still members of a democracy.

- We'll vote.
(Major) - l'm against voting!

You know how we stand so far.
The twins, as usual,
are on opposite sides,

and so their votes pair.
Titania's on both sides at once,
and therefore neutral.

The major is for delivering these
people to the police,

and I, frankly, am against it.
Esmeralda, the decision is up to you.
I don't want any trouble
any more than anybody else,

but while you've been talking,
I've been looking at something -

something pretty fine too.
I've been looking at that little girl there
standing beside that poor young man.