and it gave him a strangeness
and a threat.

Hitchcock, of course,
always did a little cameo.

He elected to do one in Saboteur.
He took his secretary at the time,
and the cameo he worked out is
they walked down the street
and they played deaf and dumb people.
And Hitchcock
did different deaf and dumb

signs with her,
and she slapped him in the face.

Meaning he had made
an indecent proposal.

Carol Stevens was her name,
the secretary,

and they walked along and they...

He's going that way, you see.
And bam! She hits him.
it's not in the picture,
because the powers that be
felt that it was
not a proper reflection

of people who were handicapped.
Having been defeated, if you will,
on his very imaginative cameo,
he ended up
just making an appearance
standing on the street.

lt didn't have the colour,
shall we say, of his original concept.

How about Brooklyn tomorrow?
Do you want me on the job?

When are you going to learn
to keep your mouth shut?

- Sorry. I thought he was in on it.
- Shut up!

(Man) Here we are
at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

lt's rather a windy autumn day,
but it's a pretty good day for a launch.

l guess any day is a good day
for a launching in these times.

(Lloyd) l always loved to move .
ln the theatre l loved to move
and Hitch permitted me to do that.
And when we did this scene
in the truck,

which was around the button
that would blow up the ship,