The Talk of the Town

No! Get upstairs, quick.
I want you to go in the attic
and keep quiet, understand?

Close that door behind you.
Good evening.
- I am Michael Lightcap.
- Michael Lightcap?

You're supposed to arrive tomorrow.
Your secretary...

My secretary is getting married.
Nothing deranges a woman's mind more.

My entire life has been in complete
confusion for the last two months.

- You must be the person we spoke with.
- Yes, Nora Shelley.

How do you do, Miss Shelley?
An excellent name.

- Yes. It's raining, isn't it?
- Definitely.

We're having an early summer.
Could we talk inside?
It's rather damp out here.

Nothing is ready. I thought tomorrow
about noon... I suggest a hotel.

I planned to spend the night here,
so I'll spend the night here.

Standing under an open umbrella inside,
bad luck. Silly superstition, isn't it?

Still, in a new, strange house,
you never know what's liable to turn up.

- I've had that umbrella 11 years.
- I'm so sorry.

You have a nervous, impulsive quality
that I find in many of my students.

- Disease of the age.
- Yes, sir.

I'll get my bags.
Get up in the attic. Didn't you hear?
That's the new tenant!

You shouldn't have
broken his umbrella.

Get up in the attic.
Do you know who he is?

He's a legal genius,
Dean of Commonwealth Law School.