The Talk of the Town

Hey, where are you?
I was going to break your neck.
Lucky you spoke.

Yes, it certainly was.
All right, he's asleep now.
You used to live here with your mother,
didn't you?

Yes. We live in town now
and rent this place.

Come on, get up.
You can make it if you go quietly.

My ankle is so swollen now,
I couldn't walk five yards.

Why does everything happen to me?
What will you do?
You can't stay here.

You're still the prettiest girl
in Lochester.

Now, look. This escape was insane.
You haven't been convicted yet.

Go on back.
Maybe they won't convict you.

The first day I saw the faces
of those 12 citizens on the jury...

...I knew my goose was cooked.
They don't like me.
What do you suppose they think
after this jailbreak?

That you're guilty.
It's possible I am, don't you think?
Maybe, maybe not.
As far as I know, you're capable
of anything, even burning a factory.