The Talk of the Town

Hello, is Mr. Yates there?
He's left the house?
Where to? Do you know?
This is Miss Shelley again.
Did you tell him I phoned last night?

No, thanks.
- What is this?
- Don't get alarmed.

Why did you stay out all night?
Where did you get these?

- Why didn't you phone me?
- It's all very simple.

Who owns that car?
Professor Lightcap has arrived.
These are his pyjamas.

Take that look off your face.
I stayed to finish the house.
It was too late to phone you...

- Hi, Nora.
- Donald, what are you doing here?

- That's some getup.
- What do you want?

Came to interview Lightcap.
- He's not even here yet.
- Not expected for weeks.

- I'd know his pyjamas anywhere.
- How'd he know that?

Get a shot of Miss Shelley...
You lift that camera, I bust it.
Get out of here.

It serves you right, Nora.
Get dressed and come right...

Oh, a beard.
I take it all back, baby.

And what, may I ask, is going on here?
Professor, this is my mother.
Professor Lightcap, I'm so glad.
I've heard of you but
I was afraid you were a younger man.

My name is Forrester.
I'd like an interview.

I'm sorry.
- Your opinion in the Dilg case would...
- Dilg's escaped.

- No!
- Yeah.

What do you say about this jailbreak?
An admission of guilt?

- I'm not acquainted with the case.
- The burning of the Holmes factory...

- Mr. Lightcap wants his breakfast.
- And reasonable solitude.

Now will you please go.
- Will you come right home?
- Yes, dear.