Woman of the Year

The shift box formation to the
right. A reverse and spinner...

... behind scrimmage.
This may be the play that does it.

He's going to the sidelines.
He's knocked out of bounds.

And there's the gun for the end
of the ball game.

There you are.
Words that'll live forever.

- They're cold enough.
- Let's grab a cab to the Blackstone.

Let's walk. We miss speeches
and get liquor.

- Those steaks. Remember last year?
- Yeah, but I'm catching the train home.

Are you nuts? This is Saturday night,
even in Chicago.

A day on a train
is a day on a train. Even Sunday.

You got it bad. Now, I'm a family man,
I love my wife...

...but free steaks and beer!
- The first months a guy's married...

...he acts as though it was
gonna be the last.

Yesterday's parley
must be acclaimed a...

Hello, Daddy.
Even in a period replete with
developments of climactic significance...

...the parley is a major landmark.
Be with you in 2 minutes.
I have one paragraph left.

- "Is a major landmark."
- Yeah. Tariffs have been the historic...

- Fly in the ointment.
- Fly in the ointment of foreign policy.

- Is what's-her-name around? I'm hungry.
- I gave her the weekend off.

In ordinary times, the internal conflicts
between domestic financial interests...

...are unfortunate. In a national crisis,
they may be fatal.

Now that the problem of beef... Now
that the problem of beef is settled...

...we hope for a quick solution for the
other beefs which thwart national unity.

- TIME used the same gag last week.
- You're cute.

So we can look forward with greater
confidence to the grim...