Yankee Doodle Dandy

He didn't send for us.
He's come here to see us!

It may be better
if I spoke business to him.

I thought you said
you were going to reform.

I'm sorry.
When he comes in,
I want you to keep quiet.

- Look at the condition of this dressing room.
- Get the cheap makeup off the table.

Hurry up!
Quick, Georgie!
Get the stuff off that shelf.
That's right.

Albee will be right in.
He just stopped at the water cooler.

If he offers you a cigar,
don't take it.

I'll take it. It'll impress him
if he thinks I can smoke.

- Get behind that curtain.
- But...

Hurry up! I don't wanna hear a word.
I don't want to even hear you breathe.

Josie, fix the chairs.
The other one.

Here, take this.
Oh, Jerry.
- Sit down, Nellie. Sit down.
- All right.

Come in.
Mr. E.F. Albee.
- Hello, Cohan.
- Albee. Meet Mrs. Cohan.

How do you do?
- Sit down, Mr. Albee.
- Thank you.

I saw your show tonight. Not bad.
Have a cigar?
No, thanks.
Your show's no good for vaudeville, but
I've seen a lot worse right here in Brooklyn.

We're opening a new theater in Philadelphia
on the 4th of July.

If you fix up a good vaudeville act...
...we'll double your salary, give ten weeks'
guarantee and third or fourth billing.

- Double our salary?
- You'll be with the best variety artists.

Vesta victoria, Eddie Foy, Ward & vokes,
Lottie Collins, Charlie Case...

Just a second.
I'm George M. Cohan. You're opening
a theater in Philadelphia on July 4th?

- Yes, that's right.
- That's my birthday.