For Whom the Bell Tolls

Don’t try to frighten us, coward!
Is it cowardly to know what's foolish?

Or am I a leader for nothing?
Haven't I gotten you this far alive?

This foreigner comes to do a thing
for the good of the foreigners.

For his goal you want to sacrifice us!
I'm for the good and safety of all.
- Safety!

There is no such thing.
Did I spend 9 years with matadors
not to learn about fear and safety?

Speak to me of anything but safety!
Look at him.
How I believed in him once.

And look what he is now.
From a year of war you've become lazy,

a drunkard and a coward.
- Woman!

You have no right to speak like that.
Not before my people and a stranger.

Do you still believe
you command here?

Here I command!
- Here I command!

Haven't you heard them?
Here no one commands but me now.

I should shoot you
and the foreigner both.

Try it and see what happens.
Listen to me, drunkard!
You understand now who commands?

Why, I command!
- No! Listen!

Take the wax from your ears.
Listen well.
I command.
You command.