Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

And this man.
he wishes to buy the ruins
of my father's estate?

Yes. Thas why I asked you
to come here, Baroness.

He wanted me to give him
your address.

I refused.

But since I knew
you were anxious
to get rid of the property.

and all the memories
connected with it.

I thought that in
my position as mayor...

I would take the liberty
of sending for you.

- Did he say
his name is Taylor?
- Yes.

And thas all
I know about him.

Baroness Frankenstein.
Mr. Taylor.

- Baroness.
- Mr. Taylor.

Come in, Mr. Taylor.
Come in, come in.

Do you mind if I speak to
the baroness alone. Please?

Why. Uh...
Why. Uh. Certainly.

Now. Uh. If. Uh...
If you need a witness
for the contract. Baroness.
I'm at your service.

Thank you.
Won't you please
sit down. Mr. Taylor?

Thank you.
I understand that
you want to buy our land.

No. L...
I wanted to meet you.

I don't understand.
I didn't know how
to find you,

and the mayor wouldn't
give me your address.

so I felt that if I offered
to buy your land...

that you'd be
sure to come.

Is certainly
a most unusual way
to make an acquaintance.

But now that you have gone
to all this trouble
to meet me.

what can I really
do for you?

I want
your father's records.

His experiments
with life and death.

The records of the creation
of the monster.