Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

I only want to die.
Thas why I'm here.

If I ever find peace.
I'll find it here.

You understand.
Why don't you help me?

Sit down.
How can I help you?
Dr. Frankenstein
left a diary.

In it are his records
of the secrets
of life and death.

If I can find
Dr. Frankenstein's diary,

I can break this curse
and find peace in death.

[Dr. Mannering]
Thas morbid.

Dr. Frankenstein's
experiments were considered
rather extraordinary.

Medical science never.
never recognized them.

Thas just it.
Why don't you ask
that girl. His daughter?

She can tell you about
things Dr. Frankenstein did...

that your medical science
has never heard of.

Talbot. I'm appealing
to your better nature...

while you can still
think normally.

The moon will be full again
soon. You must come back with
me while there's still time.

Isn't there somebody
that could understand?

Gentlemen. Why those
serious faces?

[Both Screaming]
The monster! The monster!
The monster!

[All Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]