Le Corbeau

"You lecher: Stop fooling around
with Vorzet's wife Laura-the-Whore.

I see all and will tell all.

The Raven"
Take the bags.
Have Monsieur's trunk
put in the yard.

I know of nothing more absurd
than a doctors' convention

except a psychiatrists' convention.
No one listens to the speaker,
thank heavens.

If they did, there would be
a storm of belly laughs.

An audience of patients might listen,
but then again, no!
The only useful purpose
for these gatherings

is to give provincial doctors
the chance to cheat on their wives

with Parisian women.
As I'm too old for that,
I came home.

What is it, Laura?
You look worried.

- I told you about yesterday's letter.
- Yes. What of it?

There's one for you today.
Three sheets of stamps.
Three sheets of stamps.
What do you do, eat them?
They're for a charity organization.
Each sheet means
a Chinese soul saved from paganism.

Faith, Miss Rolande!
Faith shall redeem the world!

Hello, Rolande.
Two stamps, please.

In the blink of an eye.
I didn't know you were back.
An elderly husband mustn't leave
his young wife alone too long.

- Was that meant for me?
- Why you?