Madame Curie

Fifty years ago
Paris was a light-hearted city
the goal of many a traveler
but some came not
for gaiety but to work

to study at one of the world's
most famous university

the Sorban.
To its lecture room and classes
came students
from all over the world

and among them was a young girl.
She was poor. She was beautiful.
She had left her
homeland and family

and here in Paris, she was alone
haunted by
dreams and invincibly eager

To go out alone into space.
Go out alone.

In one hundred years
one hundred students
but when it is time

for you to think
you, too, will be alone
like the author of this equation
like Newton

let us say your Galileo.
Probably will not be your
good fortune to reach the sky

to catch the stars
in your fingertips.

To catch a star
in your fingertips.

But this you can share with them.
You can learn to
be alone with nature

with the ray of light
piece of earth

drop of rain
you can become aware

that the earth's swirling
about the sun

at the rate of
66,000 miles per hour.

Aware that the...
What... what's that?
You are feeling better? Sit.
Sit still a moment. You fainted.
I... I’m sorry I interrupted
the lecture so stupidly.

You can get the notes
from some other students.

Your name is Marie Scholoscka?
Yes. You are working
in two master degrees.

One in physics and one in mathematics.