Phantom of the Opera

Obsession, passion,
undying love, genius and madness.
Take the titanic themes
and emotions of grand opera,

fuse them with the trappings of
the gothic novel, and what do you get?

The Phantom of the Opera, of course,
a darkly romantic icon of the gaslight era.

The Opera Ghost has never been
so popular as he is today.

The Phantom seems to have
a special appeal for modern audiences,

beckoning us to leave
our brightly lit, digitised world

for a shadowy realm of mystery
and terror and enchantment.

I've reserved special seats in box five,
but I warn you -
it's supposed to be haunted.

But at least it's not
underneath the chandelier.

Opera is often regarded as the highest
combined achievement of the arts.

Music, movement and visual grace
all elevated to a nearly
superhuman plane.

But within this celestial realm,
there dwells a fallen angel.

It's a fairy tale.
There's an angel, and then there's evil.
Who, or what,
is the "Phantom of the Opera"?

What does he want?
soon his spirit will take form