Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Holmes I'm fed up with
all this shopping
for antiques.

We must keep
searching Watson,

the girl's in
grave danger.

Oh sorry, what
is it Holmes?

This isn't the place
it seems to be.

Look Watson.
Those cabinets,
obviously imitation

and yet there priced as
if they were authentic.

Buyer be aware
and all that aye Holmes.

Watson I feel
certain this is it.

This is my purse.
May I?
Thank you.
What kind of a
joke is this?

Oh don't bother to answer
you can tell the
police all about it.

And you shall
I promise you.

There are no police here
haven't you noticed
we are quite alone.
I sent for you to ask
you a few questions.

You always send a
rug for your guests?

That's a very nice
rug, Miss Pattridge.

It's not my idea
of a method of

Oh I'm sorry about that
but I'm afraid it
was unavoidable.

But why?
You've no right to
bring me here like this.

I've always found it wise
to take what
rights I can get.

Miss Pattridge you
have a document,

which I must have.
I have no document.
It won't do you any
good to deny it.

But I do deny it.
I don't know what
you're talking about.

You'll remain a prisoner
until you produce it.

How can I produce it
when I haven't got it?

But you have.
You'll observe
that on the train

you had contact with
a little British
agent named Grayson.

He gave you something,
where is it?

But I hardly even
noticed the man.

I wouldn't even had
remembered him

if I hadn't seen his
picture in the paper.

He disappeared
or something.

He's dead Miss Pattridge.
Now will you tell me
what I want to know?

But I can't.
You won't.
I can't I tell you.
Let me out of here.
He gave me nothing.
That's strange because
I know he spoke to you.