Stormy Weather

Attached to the 15th Regiment.
Didn't I never tell you that?

No, Uncle Bill!
Why, we was under fire
for 191 days straight.

Yes, sir! And our regiment was decorated
with the Croix de Guerre.

You don't say, Uncle Bill.
Why, children, I remember when
we come back from France in 1918...

the flags was flying,
people were cheering.

- Boy, I'm looking out for us.
- What you got there?

Book of telephone numbers
I won from Joe.

Boy, I'm gonna promote us
a couple of gals...

- for the ball tonight.
- How do you spell "us"?

- "U.S."
- You leave off the "S" and worry about you.

Every time you start to promoting,
that spells trouble.

Here we go again.
- Did you go to the ball that night?
- We sure did.

- And did Gabe promote you a girl, Uncle Bill?
- No, he didn't...

but he promoted everything else-
a girl for himself,
a big limousine and a chauffeur.

We sure went there in style.
This must be General Pershing coming.
This must be General Pershing coming.
Can't be, because
General Pershing's a blond.

Well, boy, here we are,
and I'm gonna Lindy Hop down.

Boy, I'm gonna carry on. Come on, honey.
Come back at 12:00, my man.
Come on, honey.
Yes, you.
Cousin Jake,
what you want this time?

What you keep on calling me for?
I'm sorry, Gabe.
I can't come back and get you.

- Why?
- The boss wants to use the car at 7:00.

But, Cousin Jake,
how we gonna get home?

How'd you get uptown
from the ship this morning?

- Walked.
- Right there's your answer.