Stormy Weather

- I didn't expect Clem's
little sister to be so big.

You two get together.
I've got to get on back to work.

- Okay, Jim.
- I'll see you kids later.

I'm glad to meet you, Bill.
Clem wrote me a lot about you.

He told me a lot about you too.
You know,
I was gonna look you up.

Here's something
that he wanted you to have.

It's the Croix de Guerre for bravery.
Here I am, Daddy.
My, what a big cigar.
Yes, and a big man
is smoking it too, honey.

Honey, I does everything
in a big way.

It must have cost you
a lot of money to keep...

that car and chauffeur
while you were at war.

Chicken feed, honey,
just chicken feed.

- You must be powerful rich.
- Oh, I got a little. I got a little.

- Gardenias. Twenty-five cents.
- Yes, indeed.

Nothing too good for the little lady.
Yes. My daddy does
everything in a big way.

- Give me all of them.
- All of them?

I sure go for a guy
that's free with his money.

Do you, honey?
- That'll be $3.00.
- Huh?

It was very nice of you
to tell me all this about Clem.

Oh, that's all right.
- You want to dance, Selina?
- I'd love to, soldier.

Ooh, I never expected to have
so many flowers till I was dead.

Let's dance, Daddy.
No, come on, let's sit down.
Waiter, table for two.

I've been marching all day.
Anyway, there ain't
no point in dancing.

- What are you gonna drink?
- What you got?

- Just ginger ale and root beer.
- What?

You positive you ain't got nothing
but ginger ale and root beer?

- That's all we got.
- This is gonna spoil my whole evening...

'cause back in Paris, I didn't
drink nothin' but champagne-

the best of champagne.
Well, now, maybe I'd be able
to fix you up with a bottle of that.

I got a friend on the outside.
- But it'll cost you plenty of money.
- Oh, that's all right.

- Money's no object to us. Is it, Daddy?
- Well, no.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Uh, yeah, here, boy. Come here. Come here.

- Don't knock yourself out. It ain't that important.
- Oh, he don't mind.

I always wanted to taste that stuff.
Well, honey, if you never tasted it,
it might make you dizzy.