Stormy Weather

I'm mighty proud.
This is Miss Cynthenetta Webb.

Say, this buddy of yours
is a sharp dancer.

He ought to be on the stage.
Ought to be on the stage?
Oh, by the way, Bill. I had the booking
office on the phone this afternoon.

Looks like you gonna play the Palace
week after next, boy.

- Then you are on the stage.
- Why-

Yes, and he's his manager.
He's gonna put me on the stage too.

- Really?
- Well, I don't usually bother with amateurs...

- but in this case-
- Oh, Gabe, why don't you come up for air?

Now listen to him, the most
modest man in the whole world.

Oh, let him go on, Bill.
I'd like to hear more about you.

You only got to ask
anybody in show business.

Take Bud Williams-
He's crazy about Bill and me.

Oh! Then you must know
Chick Bailey.

Chick Bailey!
Do we know Chick Bailey?

Why, we put him in show business.
We're just like brothers,
ain't we, Bill?

Ladies and gentlemen.
Presenting Miss Selina Rogers...
one of our newest stars.
- Well, here's where we break in the new song, Selina.
- Okay.

Miss Webb, Bill Williamson...
- this is my partner, Chick Bailey.
- How do you do?

- You know Gabe, of course.
- Gabe?

- Come on.
- Who'd she say?

He heard her- Chick Bailey.
The guy he put in show business-
his brother.

- But, honey, I can explain everything.
- Don't explain nothing to me.

- I can see through it. The nerve.
- But, baby-

- Trying to pull a trick like that.
- Well, honey, I was only-

And after all you've done for him.
Why, the ingratitude.
Trying to make out like
he didn't even recognize you.

I may not be so very smart
As far as books are concerned
Where I leave off most people start
But here's what I've just learned
There's no two ways about love
It's true what they say about love