Stormy Weather

I want you to do me a favor.
I want you to put Bill in the show.

- Doing what?
- He's a terrific dancer.

But, Selina,
dancers are a nickel a dozen.

Maybe so, but he was Clem's buddy.
I want to help him if I can.
- All right, Selina. He's in.
- Aw, thanks, Chick.

Bill, how soon can you leave for Chicago?
I'm on the outskirts of Peoria right now.
- Chick's gonna put you in the show.
- Sure enough?

Yep. I've got just the spot for you.
I'm gonna put you right on top.
And did he put you on top,
Uncle Bill, like he said?

He put me on top, all right.

Hey, you, get your wig on.
There's a spot
I know a place they call Samoa by the Sea

Talkin' there's not the most
They palaver on the coast
They command each other
understand each other perfectly

If you're feeling fancy-free
If you don't give 'em repartee
To win a tropical maiden
Doesn't need topical talk
You maneuver
and if you approve her

You can win her love in a walk
Zulu man is feelin' blue
Hear his heart beat a little tattoo

Diga diga doo, diga doo doo
Diga diga doo, diga doo

You love me and I love you
The idea's old but the method is new

Diga diga doo, diga doo doo
Diga diga doo, diga doo

I'm so very diga diga doo by nature
If you don't say diga diga to your mate
you're gonna lose a papa

So if you want to be in style
way down on that tropical isle

Say diga diga doo diga doo doo
Diga diga doo, diga doo