Stormy Weather

Was it a pool room?
- No, no.
- I thought it might give you a cue.

A barber shop?
No, no.
- Say, Cousin Jake. Do me a favor, please.
- Well, what?

- Run outside and get me a box of candy.
- Candy?

- You know, somethin' big and fancy.
- Well, how big and how fancy?

Well, do the best you can
with three bucks, hear?

Uh, okay, okay, okay.
Clear outta here!
- What's wrong with it?
- I d-

- Where'd you have it fixed?
- I just had it worked on!

- Who worked on it?
- The man that's got the garage-

Well, he ain't no good.
The man you want is the man-

I had him!
He's the one that ruined it!

Well, I see you got plenty water,
but is you outta gas?

No, t'ain't that. I think maybe it's-
- Oh, it couldn't be that.
- Well, there ain't much wrong with it.

What you need is some
of them new gadgets.

You know,
the kind that you buy-

- I just bought some.
- Oh, not them.

I mean the kind what fastens
where they fits.

- A whole dozen'll cost about-
- That's too much money.

I can't afford it. I got to get
some that don't cost no more-

You can't get 'em that cheap.
Well, we can get the car
fixed up good maybe for around-

No, what you need...
- is a new car.
- Yeah.

- The kind like my uncle had. He made a trip out-
- Did he go out there?

- Sure!
- I thought all the time he was gonna go-

- He did, but not that time.
- Well, what's he doin' now?

Since he been back, he's been very busy
gettin' ready for what he thinks-

- Is that so?
- Sure.

- Well, I guess like all bachelors, he's-
- No, no. Not him.

- He gonna get married.
- He is?

Yeah, he's gonna marry the widow
whose husband used to be-