The Ox-Bow Incident

GIL: Holy cow, now I'm gonna
have to start all over again.

Somebody's sure in a hurry.
-Did Darby use his fist?
-No, a bottle.

-That's all right then.
-Lay off Farnley, will you?

-Why should l?
-You hit him pretty hard. . .

. . .made him look foolish.
-Did I really get him?
-I thought you busted his neck.

No fooling.
FARNLEY: Why, the no-good--
-Shot through the head, I tell you!

-Where did it happen?
-Southeast corner of the valley.

-Did you see it?
-No. Olsen found him laying in a dry wash.

Shot right through the head.
GREENE: About 2:00.

But he must've been shot earlier. They
picked his horse up near the ranch road.

-Any cattle missing?
-Well, they couldn't tell.

-Did Olsen send you for us?
-No, he yelled at me to go get the sheriff.

Hey, Jeff. Jeff!

-Looks that way.

-Who was it they got?

Kinkaid? Farnley's buddy?
They've been working
together since they were kids. . .

. . .from the Panhandle to Jackson's Hole.
I knew him. Short, dark lrishman.
Didn't say much. Liked to sing a lot.

These fellows will go a long way to get
that guy that killed Larry Kinkaid.

-I judge.

MOORE: He's crazy.
DAVIES: Wait, Jeff, there's no rush.

Even if they have a five-hour start.
It's 500 miles to the border.

Besides, there may be a bunch of them.
It won't help to get yourself killed.