Arsenic and Old Lace

Mr. Hoskins!
It can't be very comfortable
for him in there.

And he's been so patient, the poor dear.
I think Teddy had better take
Mr. Hoskins downstairs right away.

General Goethals was very pleased.
He said the canal was just the right size.

Teddy, there's been
another yellow-fever victim.

Dear me!
This will be a shock to the General.

No, we must keep it a secret.
A state secret?
Yes, a state secret.
You have the word of the President
of the United States.

Cross my heart and hope to die.
Now, let's see.

How are we going to keep it a secret?
Teddy, I think you'd better get back down
into the cellar.

And then...
...when I turn out the lights,
when everything's dark here...

:49:59 come up and take
the poor man down to the canal.

Now get along.
And we'll come down later
and hold services.

-Where is the poor devil?
-In the windowseat.

It seems to be spreading.
We've never had yellow fever there before.
I've never even seen Mr. Hoskins!
My goodness! That's right, you were out.
You just come right along
and see him now.

You know, he's really very nice looking,
considering that he's a Methodist.

We're bringing the luggage through here.
Your room is waiting for you.
You can go right up.