Cover Girl

Being with you will be bliss
Perhaps you'll surrender
When gentlemen tender

Say, ''Let's have a little
Let's have a little kiss!''

Though you are tender
I cannot surrender

To ''Let's have a little
Let's have a little kiss!''

Somehow I'm sure I've found
The sure thing in you
Taking romance
I take no chance
Somewhere my heart has picked you
Out of the blue
But if it turns out that my long shot's
A wrong shot

Should be
And all my castles come a' tumbling
No grumbling from me
Long shot
One thing I'm sure of

All my life through
If love can figure out a sure thing
That sure thing
Is you
-l've got to meet her, Mr. Pastor.
-Now, John...

...last time, your mother had the
Decency League investigate my place.

Mother's quite a girl.
Shall we go backstage?