Double Indemnity

- Goodbye, Mrs. Dietrichson.
- What's the matter?

Look, baby, you can't get away with it.
- You want to knock him off, don't you.
- That's a horrible thing to say!

Who'd you think I was, anyway?
A guy that walks into a good-looking dame's
front parlor...

and says "Good afternoon,
I sell accident insurance on husbands.

You got one that's been around too long?
Somebody you'd like to
turn into a little hard cash?

Just give me a smile and I'll help you collect."
Boy, what a dope you must think I am!

I think you're rotten.
I think you're swell.
So long as I'm not your husband.

- Get out of here.
- You bet I'll get out of here, baby.

I'll get out of here but quick.
So I let her have it,
straight between the eyes.

She didn't fool me for a minute,
not this time.

I knew I had hold of a redhot poker and the
time to drop it was before it burned my hand off.

I stopped at a drive-in for a bottle
of beer, the one I had wanted all along,

only I wanted it worse now,
to get rid of the sour taste of her iced tea...

and everything that went with it.
I didn't want to go back to the office...
so I dropped by a bowling alley
at Third and Western and rolled a few lines

to get my mind thinking about
something else for a while.

I didn't feel like eating dinner
when I left, and I didn't feel like a show

so I drove home, put the car away
and went up to my apartment.

It had begun to rain outside and I watched it
get dark and didn't even turn on the light.

That didn't help me either.
I was all twisted up inside,
and I was still holding on to that red-hot poker.

And right then it came over me
that I hadn't walked out on anything at all,

that the hook was too strong,
that this wasn't the end between her and me.

It was only the beginning.
So at eight o'clock the bell would ring...
and I would know
who it was without even having to think...

as if it was the most natural thing
in the world.