Double Indemnity

I wanted to talk to you
ever since yesterday.

Let me talk first.
It's all set. The accident policy
came through. I've got it in my pocket.

I got his check too.
I saw him down in the oil fields.
He thought he was paying
for the auto insurance.

The check's just made out
to the company. It could be for anything.

But you have to send a check
for the auto insurance, see.

It's all right that way,
because one of the cars is in your name.

Quick, open your bag.
- Can you get into his safe deposit box?
- Yes. We both have keys.

Fine. But don't put the policy in there yet.
I'll tell you when.

- And remember, you never touched it
or even saw it, understand?

- I'm not a fool.
- Okay. When is he taking the train?

- That's just it. He isn't going.
- What?

That's what I've been trying to tell you.
The trip is off.

What's happened?
Mister, could you reach me
that package of baby food?

That one up there!
I don't know why they always have
to put what I want on the top shelf.

Go ahead. I'm listening.
He had a fall down at the well.
Broke his leg. It's in a cast.

- Broke his leg?
- What do we do, Walter?

- Nothing. Just wait.
- Wait for what?

Until he can take a train.
I told you it's got to be a train.

But we can't wait.
I can't go on like this.

We won't grab a hammer and do it quick,
just to get over it.

There are other ways.
Only we're not going to do it other ways.
But we can't leave it like this.
What do you think would happen...

if he found out about this accident policy?
Plenty. But not as bad as
sitting in that death-house.

Don't ever talk like that.
Just don't let's start losing our heads.
It's not our heads.
It's our nerve we're losing.

Excuse me.
We're going to do it right.
That's all I said.

It's the waiting that's getting me.
It's getting me just as bad, baby.
But we've got to wait.

Maybe we have, Walter. Only...
it's so tough without you.
It's like a wall between us.
I better go baby.
I'm thinking of you every minute.