House of Frankenstein

Now. Will you
give me my chalk?

Try that again
and I'll put you on
solitary confinement.

You would-be

Don't profane his name
with your dirty lips.

He was a genius in whose
footsteps I will follow
when I get out of here.

When you get out.
If I have anything
to say about it.

never get out.
But I will.

Now. Friend Daniel.
Shall we go on with our work?

Now. This brain...
is taken
from the man and transplanted
into the skull of the dog.

But given the mind
of a human being.

Now. Frankenstein would have
severed the spinal cord...

But I'm not certain
that he was right.

Could Frankenstein have
made me like other men?

He gave life to a body
that he made from parts
of other bodies that had died.

Yes, Daniel, he could have
made you like other men.

Dr. Niemann. Did you know

No. But my brother,
who assisted him,
learned his secrets.

And before he died,
he passed them on to me.

Then... you could
give me a new body.

If I had Frankenstein's
records to guide me.

I could give you
a perfect body.