House of Frankenstein

out in the woods.
He's dead.

What do you make
of it, Doctor?

The juggler vein
is severed.

Not cut.
But torn apart...

as though by
powerful teeth.
A werewolf!

We'll all
be murdered.

Heaven help us.
I must warn my
wife and children.

Schwartz. Meier.
Come back here.

I forbid that you
spread such talk.

What do you want to do?
Drive folks from Visaria and
ruin our village forever.

I'm ashamed of you.
All of you. Believing in
such idiotic superstitions.

Then how do you
explain that?
And how about Strauss?

And Ullman.
What happened to them?

If there's a werewolf,
our people should know about it.

I think so too.
Our children
aren't safe.

- If there's a werewolf.
Let's find him.
- Search for the werewolf!

All right!
All right!

Organize your
searching parties.

The inspector will
head one group.

Schwartz another
and Meier. A third.
Find your werewolf.

"Even a man who
is pure at heart...

and says his
prayers by night..."

Then you know?
Daniel told me.
Oh. Larry.
Last night. I killed a man.
You didn't know
what you were doing.
But I did.

I wanted to kill and
I knew that I wanted to.

Tonight the moon
will rise again...

and I'll become that beast.
I'll kill again.
Can't Dr. Niemann
do anything for you?

Ask him. Larry.
Ask him.
Oh. He says...

that he can. But he
keeps putting me off.