No, he doesn't know,
and neither do I...

- or you or anyone else alive.
- What do you mean by that?

Laura had not definitely made up
her mind to marry him.

She told me so herself last Friday when she
called up to cancel our dinner engagement.

As a matter of fact, she was going
to the country to think it over.

She was extremely kind,
but I was always sure...

she would never have thrown her life
away on a male beauty in distress.

I suppose you've heard
losers whine before...

especially in your
profession, eh?

Would you like
a bite of lunch, Lieutenant?

That's very thoughtful-
the perfect host.

- Waldo.
- You'd almost think he was in his own home.

Shelby knows how distracted I am.
Would you, Lieutenant?

Thank you, Mrs. Treadwell,
but I've got to be going.

But, Lieutenant, I- Well, I rather thought
you'd want to ask me some questions.

Oh, yes. What did they play
at the concert Friday night?

Oh, Brahms's First
and Beethoven's Ninth.

Uh-huh. Have you got a key
to Miss Hunt's house up in the country?

No, but I think there's one
up in her apartment.

- Okay, I'll have a look.
- Perhaps I could help you?

All right. Come along.
I'll be seeing you,
Mrs. Treadwell.

Extra.! Extra.!
Girl victim in brutal slaying.!

Extra.! Girl victim
in brutal slaying.!

Read all about it.!
Girl victim in brutal slaying.!

Girl victim
in brutal slaying.! Read all about it.!

All right.
Break it up. Break it up.

Ice-cold drinks.!
- The doorbell rang.
- What?