Mr. Skeffington

Just like a machine.
A friend was telling me they start them
goose-stepping when they're 2 years old.

No fooling.
"Another naval victory for the Allies."
Oh, how dreadful.
Those poor men.
Lafayette Escadrille.
Georgie, isn't that Trippy?
I don't know. It went by so fast.
I couldn't see.

Georgie, it is Trippy.
What did the title say?
Where is he?

- Somewhere in France.
- Do you suppose he really flies a plane?

He must, if he's a member
of the Lafayette Escadrille.

Georgie, would you please
get me a glass of wa...?

- Fanny.
- Something wrong?

Oh, Mrs. Skeffington.
George, call Dr. Fawcett on the phone.
Oh, Mrs. Skeffington.
Nothing to worry about.
She's absolutely all right.

- Fine.
- I suppose it was the shock...

...of seeing her brother on the screen.
- It wasn't entirely that.

What do you mean?
I usually make a ceremony
of these things...

...but I've a patient uptown I must get to,
so I'll tell you right out.