Wing and a Prayer

Since December the 7 th,
our prewar strategy
is useless.

The defense
of the Aleutians

and our Pacific Coast
with the Hawaiis

at the apex
of the Triangle

is almost impossible
with what remains
of our navy.

But we are not considering
a defensive campaign.

You all realize
I'm indulging in
no false heroics

when I say
our only hope
of evading destruction

is to destroy
the enemy.

TheJapanese have won
a quick and staggering
succession of victories.

They're aiming now
at the final knockout--

the capture
of Pearl Harbor.

To accomplish this,
they must first
take Midway.

If they are permitted
to choose the time
and conditions of attack,

we haven't
much of a chance,

but if we can trick them
into meeting us

when they think
we are weak,

we then have a chance
of cutting their navy
down to our size

and proceeding with the rest
of the Pacific strategy.

We have learned
there are heavy concentrations
of enemy carriers

and other fleet units
in the Marshall Islands

and a numerous
transport force

making up at Truk.
So our strategy is this.
We shall concentrate
our strength near Midway

in our effort
to spring a trap.

One of our carriers
is already at sea

waiting to carry out
the initial phases

of this strategy.
On April the 28th,
this carrier
and its escort

will be off
the Marshall Islands,

close enough
to be detected.

On May the 3rd,
it is to be seen
near the Gilbert Islands

by theJapanese.
On May the 8th,
it will be detected
near Ocean Island,

as if heading
for theJap fleet at Truk,

but it will not attack.
It will turn south,