Wing and a Prayer

The last thing I saw
was theJaps diving to strafe Gus

after his plane
hit the water.

He didn't have
a ghost of a chance.

When they dived at him,
each of the three planes
opened up

with everything
they had.

Gus' plane
was still burning.

I could see the flames.
Never mind that.
Let's get back
to theJap planes.

Did you see anything
which might have
indicated the presence

of an enemy task force?
I'm afraid
I wasn't watching.

What was your approximate position?
In my area of search,
it was possibly
1 50 miles southeast.

I'm pretty sure.
I got out of there
as fast as I could,

according to orders.
Are you sure there were
only three enemy planes?

Could there
have been more?

How can I tell you
what I didn't see?

I saw the three of them
make a pass
at Gus' plane,

coming down
out of the sun.

You're not certain
they were Zeros?

Did you notice the shape
of their wings

or whether they had
single or multiple engines?

I can't remember
exactly, sir.

Oh, come on now, Scott.
Pull yourself together.