Along Came Jones

- Right in front
- He'll move

You ain't a gun fighter
You ain't even a good shot

You're just a no-good bronc stomper
that's been hit in the seat of the pants

He's looking at something else
Don't move There's a gun on you
- Come with me Keep close
- Listen, lady

Do as I tell you
and I'll get you out of this Smile Smile

That's better
Stay right here and I'll get your horses
- Who is it?
- I never seen her before

In Cherryenne when you was
kicked in the head and missing four days,

you sure you didn't marry somebody?
I wasn't that far out of my head
- Keep close to the front wheel
- But

- You looking to get shot?
- No

Then do what I say
When you start moving, move

Now can you tell us what happened?
- What's them initials stand for?
- That's for my name, Melody Jones

For Monte Jarrad too
You don't look much like him, really
Excepting you're built something like him

- Tall and spindly
- They took me for somebody else?

That's why I did what I did,
so's you wouldn't get killed by mistake