Along Came Jones

There's something maybe you better remember
And never mind tellin' me
how it didn't mean nothin' to you

Just don't monkey around with nobody at all,
unless you wanna see their belly blasted open
In my life, I ain't never been so low in my mind
as since I talked to that there girl

If we aim to get across that line,
we ought to hustle up these ponies

- I don't aim to cross any line
- What are you talking about?

I don't aim to get across any line
because that's what she wants us to do

I worked that out before her mouth shut
- You mean there ain't no posse?
- Sure, and it's probably trailin' us

There wouldn't be if she hadn't sicked it on us
Are you telling me
that there pretty lady is a skunk?

Something happened back there
we don't know what it is

If that posse's trailing us to the south,
it'd make an opening
for somebody to get away to the north

- I can't believe it
- Where is that somebody else now?

If what you say is a fact,
he's hid out round that same place

- That's the way I figured it too
- Leastways, if she ain't, he

Wait a minute, Melody
You ain't gotta be no dumber than necessary

That would make me somebody
The man that took Monte Jarrad

- Now, you look here
- You don't understand, George

But for one hour back there
I felt what it felt like to be high-regarded

- I'm never gonna feel the same again
- But that fella's a killer

I might even get
you can't tell get to be sheriff