Along Came Jones

I was mixed up in shootin' once I can't tell you
how quick I got sick of the whole idea

- He's changed, Avery
- He can't help it He's in trouble

They're chasin' him and he's wounded
No, it's more than that
You know, when we were all kids together,
just growin' up,

he was kind of wild, of course
That's why I was so crazy about him, I guess
But it ain't wildness now He's mean
Plain, downright mean
And he's gettin' meaner all the time

There she is now Ask her
What you got in this mattress? Skulls?
Take your dirty feet off my bed
You've really got a crust
- My horse run off and I
- Shh!

Look, I don't know if you're crazy,
but you've gotta get out of here