Along Came Jones

Take Mr Gledhill for a walk out in the desert
Way out, and leave him

- Get!
- Leave him and do what?

Follow Melody to where you was headed
in the first place

You're gonna get out of this country
I'm gonna take you

- How do you like that for organisation?
- You know who I am

I don't know who you are,
only who you say you are

But that's who I am
You could be Luke Packard
who works for the express company

- Come on, Melody
- Yes, ma'am

Too bad, partner I know just how you feel
If there's anything in the worid I like,
it's gettin' saved from bein' shot

# I wished I had a candy box
# To put my sweetheart in
# I'd take her out and kiss her twice
And put her back again

- # Round and round #
- Melody

You know, Monte'd kill a girl
if she done to him what I done to you

That's because Monte
don't understand women very well

I suppose you do?
Pa gave me a piece of advice
that ain't never failed me

"If you fool around a woman, hide a dollar
in your boot, then you'll come out with a dollar"

"That is," Pa says, "if you keep your boots on"
- What are you gonna do now?
- Tie up with George

Head toward Hot Creek
and work around there this winter

Will you be coming back this way in spring?
Maybe Don't like it much
down there in the summer

If you do, will you do something for me?
I don't like to seem impolite,
but after the way things been going,