Along Came Jones

I'd better listen to what it is first
I don't blame you
This money bag that Monte took,

when you come back, I want you
to give it back to the express company

- Can't
- You mean you won't?

- Don't know where it is
- I'm going to show you

It's in a little adobe house
Under the window sill, there's a slab

Under that there's a space
for a man to hide in if he can breathe

It's in there Monte told me
when it looked like he was gonna die

- Why don't we give it back to 'em now?
- We certainly will not

- Why not?
- Monte's gotta have his chance

They're looking for him
If that money popped up here,

they'd close in so tight
a jack rabbit couldn't get out

- We gotta wait till he gets away
- No, I'd better turn it in right now

You can't After promising me,
you wouldn't dare

Promised? When was that I promised?
Well, you gotta promise now
- Oh, well
- Well, do you promise?

All right, I promise
I'm awful sorry I hope you understand,
and maybe someday you'll forgive me
Forget it
Ain't a thing in the worid you've got
to worry about, as far as I'm concerned

If you ever do come back through here
I tell you, Cherry,
I'd like to see you again a whole lot

But I just don't seem to be cut out for the kind
of life you folks lead around these parts