Along Came Jones

I ain't never seen
the gentleman in question myself

But this is Monte Jarrad's hideout
On information received,
this here girl is Monte Jarrad's lady friend

Monte Jarrad is well known to be a beanpole,
such as you be

When a posse makes a mistake,
it's mighty hard to unmake

Come, now Let's don't look on the dark side
What other side is there, mister?
If them Cottons get hold of me, I'm a dead duck
It ain't gonna be no good to say sorry

The fact is, I don't care a hoot
whether you're Monte Jarrad
or Melody Jones or Harmony Q Smith

All I'm interested in is 42,004 dollars
and 85 cents

belonging to the express company I work for
and not another cussed thing on earth
Once I get my hands on that,
you're as free as a bird

- Can I talk to this girl alone?
- Step in there if you want

- You trust me?
- 100 per cent

You'll never regret it, Mr Packard
You'd better take a light with you
Well, how do you like that?
He's no better than a cheat

I couldn't break my word in here if I wanted to
What did you wanna talk to me about?
Oh, yeah Say, what about this?
- What about what?
- About my gettin' hung over this money

- How far are you aimin' to carry this?
- You know the situation

You figure if I tell where the money is, it'll hurt
that belly buster's chances of gettin' away

But what about my neck?
You have to do what you think is right, of course