Along Came Jones

- Then why did you do it?
- We could have

- Do what?
- Shoot him

- Him?
- Why did you shoot him?

Why should I shoot the man,
a perfect stranger? Why should I?

Wait a minute
Both of you, you can't hang it on me

You was under the table with your gun smokin'
How do you account for that hole?
He ran outside, shot him, then came back in?

That's right
If it wasn't you,
we've got that belly buster back with us

Melody, we gotta
get outta this country and quick

- Ain't nothin' holdin' me back
- All right

But first you get the pony
Keep your eyes open
Maybe somebody's still out there

Don't you think
we oughta keep clotted together?

Stop trying to think Do as I say
All right
We got housekeeping to do before we leave
Give me a hand
Let's get this corpus into that box

Here, help cover up these spots
- You with us?
- You bet

Come on
Step back
You're under arrest
Light those candles, Kriendler
Let's see what's going on in here