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A guy's got to have something he wants
to live for before he can ask others to die.

After a while you lose something.
Do you feel strong enough
to go to Manila?

- Trying to get rid of me?
- Yes. You don't belong here.

I'm willing to fight.
In this kind of war, you got to
believe in what you're fighting for.

Maybe if you go to Manila,
you'll find something...

- that'll change your mind. Will you go?
- Sure.

I want to get a message through.
I've got a contact there.

We'll get you a monk's robe.
You'll go to the chapter house
of the Dominicans. Ask for the prior.

Tell him you want to hear a confession.
:48:47 intercede for the soul
of Andrés Bonifacio...

who has passed from this world.
May he be set
in a region of peace and light...

through our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. Amen.

You have come from the prior?
- Andrés.
- Dolici?

Is it Dolici?
I thought you were dead.
Andrés, they are watching us.
- Be careful.
- I must look at you.

There must be some place
we can talk and see each other.