Christmas in Connecticut

I've dreamt about eating
one of her seven-course meals.

She says, "Yesterday, my son
was 8 months old.

He's getting quite companionable.
I sat him in the kitchen with me
while I prepared dinner.

And what a dinner it was. I took
crisp lettuce, romaine and crinkly endive...

...from my own garden
for my husband's favorite salad.

For this I made a rich, creamy
blue cheese dressing.

Then to prepare roast duck
his favorite way...

...I rub salt and pepper inside,
then brown the duck in its own fat..."

Wait. Please.
Would you mind?
I know she's a wonderful woman...

...a marvelous housekeeper
and a great cook...

...but would you mind reading
something else?

Well, of course not.
How about the new Mayfair?
There's a very funny story in it. I'll get it.

Roast duck.
Hey, Sink?
What do you want now?
You're getting to be a problem child.
What is this old magoo you talk
about that gets you the food?

Oh, that?
Now, look, that nurse you got.
- Yeah?
- She likes you.

Well, the magoo.
- What magoo?
- Oh, now, listen.

Don't you think they like to do
those little extra things...

...for a guy who's in love with them?
But it's got to be convincing. That's
where magoo is different from baloney.

Altogether different.
But just how far do you have to go?
How hungry are you?
That far?
Break a girl's heart that way.
Her heart or your stomach.
What's my nurse's name?
Here we are.
Where were you for so long?
I missed you...
Oh, well, how nice.