Christmas in Connecticut

I mean, well, I didn't even know
you knew my name.

Me? Not know your name?
What you gonna get, steak or chops?
Chops today, steak tomorrow.
- Okay, huh, bud?
- Yeah, okay.

Say, how far did you have to go?
All the way.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. She thinks I wanna marry her.

Nothing else worked.
Oh, well, don't you worry.
Magoo got you in.
Magoo will get you out.

Look what I've got, Jeffy boy.
- Look.
- Oh, gosh, Mary, you're wonderful.

Well, you're powerful sweet yourself,

We've got to cut that
in itty-bitty pieces.

What do you want me to do,
jump for it?

- What's the matter, Jeffy?
- It won't go down.

Oh, my goodness, I told you.
The doctors are right.

My, you're so clever.
Little me is feeling mighty blue
tonight, Jeff.

What's the matter?
I heard that you're getting discharged
from the hospital in a week.

Maybe if I could get away,
you and I might be... I mean...

...I could cook for you.
Jeff, marriage and domesticity,
they frighten you, don't they?

- Well, to tell the truth, I...
- No, I know it, I could tell.

You're afraid of being tied down.
After the war, I mean.

Well, you see, Mary,
I've always been sort of a rolling stone.

I was an artist and a painter.
I've never had a home.

I guess I am a little afraid
of the idea of...

Oh, but, Jeffy boy,
a home is so wonderful.

Oh, I know it is, but the thing to do,
Mary, is to wait.

After all, who knows?
You may change your mind too.