Christmas in Connecticut

Silly boy. If you only knew
what a difference...

...a real home would make.
Just to feel you had it
to come back to.

But you've never known a real home.
If you had, you'd feel differently.
You know, I was just thinking,
honey boy, that...

Oh, dear.
Not now. He's asleep.
- When are you two getting married?
- Oh, I don't know.

I'm afraid he's backing out.
It's because he's never had a home.

- He doesn't realize.
- Why don't you do something about it?

Well, do what?
Well, if he spent Christmas
in a real homey home, he might...

That's how Sally Jackson
hooked a Marine last year.

Yeah, but whose home?
Everybody I know lives
in a hotel or one room.

You have a problem.
"Alexander Yardley."
Why, of course.
My dear Mr. Yardley...
...I hope you will remember little me.
This is Mary Lee...
...the girl who nursed
your granddaughter...

...back to health from the measles.
Alexander Yardley?
- Yes, this is Mr. Yardley's residence.
- Special delivery.

Thank you.