Christmas in Connecticut

- A farm?
- John's farm. It's in Connecticut.

That's where I got most of my copy.
Say, that's right.
You have got a farm, haven't you?
Congratulate me.

- This is the happiest day.
- Aren't you getting a bit mixed?

- It's the happiest day of my life.
- Of course. Congratulations.

I think you've made
a very wise decision.

In fact, I think you two should
get very married right away.

And there we are.
A husband, a farm in Connecticut.

- Now all we need is a baby.
- What are you getting at?

What's the harm of having Yardley
and a sailor at your farm for Christmas?

Yardley and a sailor on my honeymoon?
Are you crazy?

Elizabeth, I just talked with my wife.
You told her?
I didn't have the heart.
She told me what she was getting
the kids for Christmas.

And, well, I...
She sounded so happy...
Of course, I know it's asking a lot,
but when a pal's in a jam...

John, darling, it would
only be for a few days.

After all, Dud's been so good to me.
I am getting out of it now,
thanks to you.

Oh, John, couldn't we
so he won't lose his job?

I know I shall regret this for the rest
of my life, but if it's what you want...

Oh, Johnny, you're a Iamb.
Sloan, I take everything back.
I'll never forgot this.
I thank you, and my family thanks you.

Wait a minute. It's no good.
- Why not?
- I can't cook.

- She can't cook.
- She can't cook.

Felix. You'll take him with you.
He'll do anything for you.

- Felix.
- Yes, Mr. Beecham.

Felix, I've great news for you.
May I announce to you the engagement
of our dear Elizabeth to Mr. John Sloan?

- A prince of good fellows.
- Thank you.

Lizka, it's true?
Yes, Felix. I decided quite suddenly.
Congratulate them, Felix. It's colossal.
It's catastrophe.