Christmas in Connecticut

I am deeply touched, deeply touched.
Your wife's a wonderful woman.

- Thank you. May I take these?
- Why, certainly.

And have your coat?
- Well, it's just about time to feed her.
- Feed her? Oh, yes.

Well, you do this,
and I'll go get her dinner.

Well, princess...
:42:36 we doing, huh?
Here we are.
Elizabeth, darling.
Oh, merry Christmas, Mr. Yardley.
Merry Christmas, my dear Mrs. Lane.
Or rather, Mrs. Sloan.

It's a great privilege, a great privilege.
I have been admiring your charming room.

It's exactly as you described it. But...
Where is the spinning wheel?
- The spinning wheel?
- Oh, yes, the spinning wheel.

- You wrote about it last month.
- Yes, it's...

Oh, it's out being repaired.
You know how antiques are.
Oh, yes, of course.
But what a delightful room.
Such a magnificent fireplace.
I like a good, generous fireplace.
- Makes a room so friendly and warm.
- Yes, indeed.

Yes, I specialize in fireplaces,
Mr. Yardley.

I will never allow any of my clients
to plan without one.

But we don't depend entirely
on the fireplace to warm the house.

- No?
- Oh, no, no. I should say not.

No, we have unit heat, and each
heating pipe has a triple-wall jacket...

...and all the outside walls
are double insulated.

- How interesting.
- Yes. It is. Isn't it?

Well, here we are, Mommy.
All dressed and ready for chow.
Mr. Yardley, this is Mr. Jones.
Mighty proud to meet you, Jones.
- Thank you very much, sir.
- And this is my husband.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- It's a mighty fine baby you have, Mr. Lane.
- Sloan is the name.

Well, well, what a cherub.
Oh, there, there.
That's no way to treat a stranger.