Christmas in Connecticut

Merry Christmas.
Mothproof closets, filtered ventilation
and indirect lighting.

I've introduced all modern conveniences,
without sacrificing the traditionals.

Splendid, splendid. And I suppose
Elizabeth contributed her ideas.

Elizabeth? Oh, yes.
No, no. I should say not.
I'm the architect.

I never allow anyone
to interfere with my plans.

- Oh, Felix?
- Yes?

- Everything okay?
- Hunky-dunky.

Now I go to the kitchen and make a
wonderful dinner, like you never had before.

But I thought Mrs. Sloan
was going to cook the dinner.

Uncle Felix is going to help me.
Actually, I've taught him
everything he knows.

And he always uses my recipes.
Don't you?

He thought it'd be nice to relieve me in the
kitchen so I'd have time with my guests.

That's very thoughtful of him.
But if you'll forgive my saying so...

...I won't feel the same as if you
had cooked it, Mrs. Sloan.

Believe me, you will feel much better.
Nice voice, that boy.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Don't stop.