Christmas in Connecticut

American Housekeeping,
that's our competitor.

They imitate us in all departments.
Format, layout and contributors.

Now they've instituted a Betty Kane
column, a complete steal on Elizabeth Lane.

Imitation is the sincerest flattery.
That is not all.
Betty Kane is going to have a baby.

- No.
- Yes, sir.

- We've got to nip it in the bud.
- The baby?

I'll tell you how we can kill
two birds with one stone.

- Murder.
- My dear sir.

Last May, our circulation
jumped 200,000.

Think of it, 200,000 new readers
with one issue.

- Do you know why?
- I can't imagine. Another brandy?

Thank you.
Because your wife had a baby.
She did? I mean, we did?
Twenty-three pages
of new advertisements, all baby food.

Her fan mail went up 100 percent.
A hundred percent. Think of it.
Other new mothers all over
the country were interested.

That is the key of my success
in the magazine field.

Human interest, home appeal.
Do you follow me?

- Yes. Go ahead. It's very interesting.
- One baby, 200,000.

Two babies, 400,000.
Babies boost circulation.

Now, Betty Kane is going to have
her baby in September.

We can steal their thunder
and boost circulation at the same time...

...if we beat her to it.
- Beat her to it?
- Have another baby, Sloan.

Have another baby. Any hopes?
Mr. Yardley, Elizabeth's
a very busy woman.

And having babies to boost
your circulation takes time.

Take all the time you need, my dear sir,
all the time you need.

Well, thank you.
- Yes, Nora?
- Telephone for you, Mr. Sloan.

Oh, excuse me, Mr. Yardley.